Katy mom run over while pushing baby in stroller has died

A woman who was run over by a neighbor on Friday has now died.  Elizabeth Lugo was pushing her baby in a stroller when a man lost control of his car and slammed into the young mother. She was pinned to the vehicle as it smashed into another neighbor's house there in Katy. 

Lugo was headed to the neighborhood park with her 11-month-old daughter and their dog.  She was just steps from the playground when a car jumped the curb, smashed into Lugo and went crashing through this house. It’s a day Gabriel Lugo says is his worse nightmare come true.  

“We’ve talked about this many times.  So I followed her wishes and removed her from the machine,” explains Mr. Lugo.  His wife had been clinging to life from Friday to early Sunday after she was hit by a driver who investigators say suffered a seizure behind the wheel.  “She lost function of the brain, no activity, no reaction last night. Around 1 a.m. we stopped the ventilator and she couldn’t breathe on her own. I told her all my plans for taking care of our daughter.  I kissed her on her forehead.  She liked when I did that.  I said my last goodbyes.  Then everyone came in and we prayed together,” explains Mr. Lugo who says his wife was an amazing mother.

"She had all these plans for her to go to college. She was looking forward to all her milestones and now she’s not going to be around for those".

We caught up with Mr. Lugo as he returned from the store buying baby formula for the first time. "Because my wife was giving her breast milk and we just ran out of the last bit." 

Lugo actually knew something was wrong Friday when his dog returned home without his wife and baby and he jumped in his car, finding the horrible scene around the corner.  “The injuries weren’t so severe to my daughter, that I can be thankful for.  My wife was behind the stroller and the car clipped the stroller a little bit and broke the stroller’s tire from behind. All I can imagine is she pushed my daughter out of the way as best she could and took the full impact herself."

The Taylor family, whose home was severely damaged in the crash, had actually just finished rebuilding after their house was destroyed by flood waters after Hurricane Harvey.