Juvenile arrested for hoax threat at Marcus High School

A juvenile was arrested for making threats against Marcus High School in Flower Mound. Police said those threats were a hoax, but the consequences are not.

The teenage suspect was charged with making a terroristic threat, which is a felony, and booked into the Denton County Juvenile Detention Center on Monday.

No names or mugshots will be released because the suspect’s age.

Last week, Flower Mound police began investigating the threat against Marcus High School and a similar one against Flower Mound High School.

They learned that several other school districts in North Texas had received the same vague and non-specific threat. It spiked fear among students and parents but turned out to be not credible.

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Police in nearby Lewisville said multiple threats across multiple campuses spread on social media like wildfire last week. Investigators didn’t believe any of them were real.

"Included a picture that we had found as a file picture that other people have used to threaten other campuses in the past," said Matt Martucci, with Lewisville PD. "This is a national wide thing happening this week. This is not just isolated to Lewisville."

Several North Texas police departments told FOX 4 they’ve seen a spike in threats since the deadly Oxford, Michigan school shooting.

"Please talk to your students about the serious nature of making threats, because those words can lead to significant legal consequences, in addition to disciplinary action from the school district. And always remember to report – but not repost – rumors," Flower Mound PD said in a statement.

For two Flower Mound moms, the topic of school threats and the possible consequences have been at the forefronts of their minds this week.

"You are glad that they are safe now. How do you focus when you’re scared," said mom Sue Kash.

"I am glad they actually tracked someone down," said mom Angela Pampling.

Kylene Seele has a sophomore at Marcus High. She says he went to school the past three days — but not without a conversation. 

"I did take the opportunity to talk to him about being aware of your surroundings," she said.

"Because if you sent your child into that situation, you hope nothing happens," Kash said. "But if it did, you would never forgive yourself for saying go to school."

At Lone Star High School in Frisco, students didn’t go to school Monday and Tuesday due to multiple threats. 

After two days of canceled class, Frisco ISD announced school will be back on Wednesday. 

A letter sent home to parents stated K-9s and Frisco police conducted an extensive search across campus and didn’t find anything that posed a threat or was suspicious. 

For the final three days of the semester, there will be an increased police presence, backpacks will not be allowed and hall passes will be limited. 

So far, there have been no arrests for the Lone Star High threats.

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Back in Flower Mound, police say more charges could be coming. 

"It taught our kids the seriousness of it," Kash said.

For now, the juvenile suspect is only charged for the threat against Marcus High School.

Police said the investigation is ongoing and additional arrests and charges are possible.