Jerry Brown's mother testifies in drunk driving death civil trial

There was powerful and emotional testimony from Jerry Brown's mother on Tuesday in a lawsuit over her son's drunken driving death.

Brown's mother relived the moment she learned of the crash that killed her son. His roommate and fellow Dallas Cowboys player Josh Brent was convicted of the crash.

It was an emotional end to the plaintiffs nearly week long case. Brown’s mother testified how difficult her life has been since her son was killed in a drunken crash six years ago.

Stacey Jackson testified her son Jerry Brown Jr was a quiet, huge and humble giant who loved football. The jury saw a picture of her and her son. It was the last time she saw him, the day he signed with the Cowboys practice squad in October 2012.

The evening Brown was killed in drunken crash by Brent, Jackson said she had a premonition. She says she tried to text her son but he did not respond.

Brent and Brown were drinking at Club Beamers in northwest Dallas and left together and crashed minutes later.

Brent, who is also being sued by Jackson, testified Monday he only remembered drinking a glass and a half of champagne and two Hennessey and Cokes. After seeing video of himself drinking out of a bottle and raising champagne bottles, Brent said he did not remember doing that.

Jackson’s attorneys claim the club overserved an obviously intoxicated Brent. She also addressed why she brought the lawsuit.

“I don’t want nobody else to have to go through what I’ve been through. And picking out a casket for this son, find a suit. Going to view the body, then burying him and then trying to go on with your life. Shouldn’t no mother ever have to bury her child before her, nobody,” Jackson said.

Jackson testified she hopes that as a result of this lawsuit bars that serve alcohol will do so and a safe and responsible manner.

The nightclub attorneys say Brent alone is responsible for Brown’s death. 

On cross examination, defense attorneys showed witness statements from nearly a dozen people partying with Brent that evening along with three club employees, all of whom said Brent did not show any signs intoxication. 

Defense attorneys called only two witnesses.

The jury is set to get the case on Wednesday.