Irving PD investigating if more than one bullet struck robbery suspect

Irving police are awaiting results from an autopsy to find out if more than one bullet struck a robbery suspect who took a hostage.

At least three Irving police officers aimed guns at Christopher Dew, who was holding a woman hostage outside a cash store on Friday. Two of those officers opened fire and at least one of the bullets hit and killed drew.

Dramatic cell phone video taken by a witness captured the shooting.

"There's two officers who discharged their weapon, one you see in the video and one on the other side of the store that you did not see," said James McLellan, Irving police spokesman.

McLellan said a team of criminal investigators and prosecutors are looking into a number of factors: was the shooting lawful and was the use of deadly force justified.

The woman held hostage said the shooting was absolutely justified. The victim, who asked that we only refer to her by her first name, Cynthia, hasn't been back to work since and nightmares keep her up at night.

Cynthia said she had no idea two officers took a shot at the suspect, but she does know those officers saved her life.

She'd like to thank one -- or both of them -- in person.

“I would hug him and I would thank him and I would tell him he was blessed for what he did. He's there for a reason and his reason that day was for me,” Cynthia said.

A spokesman says he'd like to make that happen, but right now the internal affairs investigation has to run its course.