Inside the Tesla all-wheel drive car

The FOX hit show Empire features a family that has created a successful entertainment business, and there's a lot of excitement and drama in running that company.

FOX 10 spoke with a valley man who has created his own technology empire worth millions, and while life in his office may not be all that exciting, he finds plenty of thrills behind the wheels of his $135,000 electric car.

All electric Tesla cars are pretty cool looking, the door handles pop out when you walk up to it, the interior is high-tech, and it has "insane mode."

Tudor Melville is a self-made man.

"My brother came to me one day, and we started a small company just the two of us," said Tudor Melville.

That company is called Suntech, and they are headquartered in Chandler. Now Tudor has a small empire of his own with employees in three different countries designing circuit boards. His company does nearly $20 million a year just selling the green boards.

And when Tesla started buying his circuit boards Tudor decided to buy a Tesla, a top of the line $135,000 model with the "Insane Mode" option. It pushes the car from 0-60 in over three seconds, you pull a full G and are slammed back in the seat.

"I actually got dizzy one day, you have to be careful in this car if you're not used to the G-Force," said Melville.

When Tudor really wants to let his Tesla loose he takes it to Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park where he says he has only lost one race ever. While FOX 10 was there, he smoked a BMW that was tricked out, an 11-second quarter mile doing 113 mph.

You may have seen some Tesla's on Valley streets, there was only a handful, but now there are over 1,600.