'I want to be fired,' Lamar CISD teacher heard on camera ranting towards students

An investigation is underway after a 6th grade Lamar CISD teacher was caught on camera going off on students. 


The roughly minute-long video was taken by a student and posted to Facebook by a parent. It shows the unidentified teacher at Wright Jr. High School insulting students in her classroom as well as her desire to leave the job. 

"If I have to keep dealing with kids that are complete and utter morons, I’m done.  I’m literally done," the teacher is heard saying. "I don’t even care if I lose my job, I want to be fired at this point." 

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Adding more insult to injury, the teacher claims to want to change professions, but for the wrong reasons. 

"I want to carry a gun on my hip and intimidate people," the teacher said. "You need to be like a police officer there, and then you can hit them when they’re smart (expletive)." 

Parents outside the school tell us they were shocked when they heard the teacher's remarks.

"I can’t even understand why she would say the things she said," Lori Casarez, a parent said.  "Very cruel.  Not remorseful at all."

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"Being a teacher is pretty frustrating," Diane Sciple, another parent said. "Taking it out on your students, you just can’t do that."

Sciple’s daughter Saydie, who was in the teacher’s class also told us her experience.

"Probably shouldn’t talk to your students like that, even if you’re really mad at them," said Saydie.  "She actually did tell us about [what she said on camera].  She said she hopes she gets fired because she can’t deal with it."

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As for the teacher's comments about carrying a weapon and intimidating people, the parents said she should find another job. 

"She needs to find a different profession than working with kids," said Sciple.

"I want her fired," added Casarez.  "She clearly doesn’t have experience with children."


In a statement, Lamar CISD tells FOX 26 the teacher has been placed on administrative leave and called the comments disturbing.

"[Thursday evening,] we were made aware of a video circulating on social media where a Wright Junior High School teacher is making disturbing comments. Of course, we take this very seriously and are actively investigating this situation. Last night, the employee involved was made aware not to report to the campus and was placed on administrative leave this morning. Parents trust us with their students every day and, unfortunately, the actions of a single person have the potential to breach that trust. That is why it is important to underscore that the hardworking, dedicated staff at Wright Junior High School work to create a place where all students feel included and valued, and the comments made in the video are not a reflection of the campus as a whole."