'I blew up a bridge': 6-year-old helps TxDOT demolish 183 flyover

As the Texas Department of Transportation imploded two spans of the 183 flyover Saturday, a 6-year-old was behind the demolition. 

Archer Foltermann was deemed the "Master of Demolition" Saturday as he hit the button that brought down the bridge. 

"I blew up a bridge," Archer laughed as he said that's what he would tell all his friends. 

This isn’t the first time part of 183 has been imploded, but Brad Wheelis, a spokesperson with TxDOT, said after last time they saw how the community reacted and knew they could make it special. 



So, that’s what they did. 

"We don’t do this every day," Wheelis said. "How can we make it special for someone else?" 

As they asked themselves this question, TxDOT partnered with MakeAWish, letting Archer push the button. Archer, a Leukemia survivor, was diagnosed at just 10 months old.

"We were very excited to have him on board, we couldn’t have done it without him," said Wheelis.

Archer had his first wish granted and was able to go to Disney and meet Mickey Mouse. But he said this experience was way better. 

How was blowing up a bridge compared to meeting Mickey Mouse? Which was better?

"Blowing up a bridge," said Archer

Archer’s dad, Kevin, said that they are so thankful for this opportunity and the support from the community. 

"We’d really like the thank all the folks at Dell Children’s, MakeAWish, TxDOT, all of these organizations have been a big part of our lives these past few years," he said. "Really appreciate everyone involved." 

And if you’re ever looking for a 6-year-old to bring down your bridge, Kevin said he knows a kid. 

"If y'all need a bridge blown up, just call Archer," he laughed.