Hundreds attend service for Arlington Lamar HS coach Eddy Peach

Hundreds packed an Arlington church Thursday morning to remember the life and legacy of Lamar High School football coach Eddy Peach.

His sons talked about the impact he left on his family, those who worked with him on the sidelines and players who called him coach. Peach died suddenly on Friday from a heart attack.

"My challenge to you is to take that which you remember about him and carry on his legacy,” said son Scott Peach.

That legacy is nothing short of amazing. Coach Peach won more than 300 football games in his 39 years with Lamar High School. He's in the Texas High School Football Hall of Fame, set numerous records and was named district coach of the year 14 times.

"Like mom said, he was the Energizer bunny, he had so much energy he had a heck of a lot more energy than I ever had and he was nonstop ‘til the day he died. He was nonstop, you couldn't slow him down,” said son Shawn Peach.

Coach Peach was remembered Thursday for his tenacious spirit, his love of baseball as well as football and the way he inspired people to do their best.

"To his coaches, you guys were his core, you were his glue you were the ones that battled with him in the trenches, you were the guys that he loved every day, to guys that played for him, you all were his joy,” Shawn Peach said.

The funeral brought rival schools together. Players from Lamar attended as well as players from Arlington High, where Peach's son Scott is the football coach. Scott talked about growing up with a popular coach for a dad and a mother, Debbie, who was a teacher.

"We had one rule in the house and it came from mom and it went just like this -- do not ruin your father's reputation as Coach Peach in this community, got it?” Scott Peach said.

Shawn Peach, also a coach, recalled his dad's selective dislike for technology.

"He never sent a text message,” Shawn Peach said. “He got a ton of them, he never sent one. But I tell you what, he could find a score on his phone"

Eddy Peach was 76-years-old.

"I've never known a man like Eddie Peach who loved and who was unselfish, and would sacrifice anything for the people who were around him, there was nobody like him,” Shawn Peach said.

A scholarship fund was established with the Peach family’s blessing. People can mail checks to:

Arlington Athletics Hall of Honor Foundation
835 E. Lamar Blvd.
Suite 221
Arlington, TX 76011

Make the check payable to the above foundation with a notation Eddy Peach Scholarship.