Houston man sues Justin Bieber, claims star smashed his phone

“What do you mean?” is the question Justin Bieber is asking his lawyers after a Houston man filed a lawsuit after the popstar allegedly broke his cellphone at a Houston nightclub.

The lawsuit asking for $100,000 stems from an incident that happened after a Bieber concert on April 9.

The lawsuit claims Robert Morgan videotaped Bieber unsuccessfully gulping from a beer bong while standing next to him. That's when Bieber allegedly swiped the phone from Morgan's hands. At that point, the lawsuit says Bieber "smashed Morgan's telephone into pieces and had his security detail toss Morgan out of the area where Bieber was located."

According to the suit, Bieber was "clearly a novice" using the funnel-like bong and spilled beer all over himself.

Morgan says he lost important business contacts, information, pictures from his grandmother's 100th birthday and more than 5,000 other pictures and videos.

Representatives for Bieber have yet to comment on the lawsuit.

Jason Friedman of Friedman and Feiger is the attorney suing Beiber. He sat down with FOX 4’s Steve Eager to answer the question on everyone’s mind – is it too late to say sorry?