Houston man missing for 10 days, family says stories are not stacking up

The brothers of 35-year-old Daniel Brown, who’s been missing since January 25, spoke with FOX 26 in hopes of finding him or any information about his whereabouts. 

"Every passing hour, every passing day, it’s less likely that we’ll find him in the condition that we desire to find him in," said Deion Brown, Daniel's brother said. "We want the truth, we want Daniel to come home alive and well."


The Houston Police Department says Brown was last seen near the 5000 Block of Washington Avenue wearing a green tracksuit. But his brothers, Deion and Darrel, say they’ve spoken to some of the last people to see Daniel and the stories are not stacking up. 

"It’s a very convoluted and confusing story. Supposedly he was over there because a friend of his dropped him off in that area," said Deion. "One guy says he dropped him off at the Heart Club, another guy said he dropped him off at an apartment complex."

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They say their brother is a well-known guy around the city and is loved by many. They’re hoping someone can help them fill in the timeline. 

"He has a vast network, he’s pretty well known in the city, so many people to care about him and love him and to not have heard from him over the last 10 days is extremely peculiar at this point," said Darrel, Brother. 


If you have any information you are asked to call HPD’s Missing Persons Unit at 832-394-1840.

If you would like to reach out to the Brown family you’re asked to email this address: Deionbrown@icloud.com