Hood County flood victims on the road to recovery

A few days have passed with no additional rain in Hood County, but swollen creeks were still spilling out of their banks on Monday making roads barely passable.

When the water rises in Stroud Creek, it's the only way out for some of the people in the area, making it a big temptation to take the risk. The creek usually wins that bet.

Hood County Emergency Management officials are analyzing rescue calls for a disaster summary that will go to the state.

A landslide at the Lake Front Apartments made them unsafe to live in. Granbury ordered the evacuation of 16 apartments and town homes. Many have nowhere to go.

"There's one lady that has no car and her dog and she are staying over there with us,” said neighbor Tina Baker. “But we did find her a place.”

The evacuation means Christy Cullen is moving to a nursing home a bit sooner than she expected.

"I just don't like being so unsettled,” said Cullen. “I'm old. Old people don't like change.”

"It's been pretty harrowing not knowing if we were ever gonna be able to get back in and get anything out,” said Tammy Davis.

So many others have been displaced by the flooding that it can be difficult to find other places to rent.

"This lady here just got out of the hospital, so we're getting her pictures out and everything else she said she wanted,” said Baker.

Hood County officials say the good news is that none of the storm and flood victims and no rescue crews were injured.