Hometown Hero: Pat Widhalm

On January 12, 2016, Pat Widhalm had heart surgery. During the procedure, he had a stroke.

The retired engineer was in a dark, scary place. He couldn't do anything for himself and he had no idea what tomorrow would bring. Four years later after therapy, lots of hard work and help, Pat got almost 98% of his life back.

This father of four children and 19 grandchildren is an inspiration. For almost three years, he's been a volunteer at the Baylor Scott & White Rehabilitation Center in Frisco. He created a LEGO protocol for stroke and brain injury patients, building 3-D LEGO models from 2-D plans. It's great therapy. The LEGO creations move, and it's also fun.

Pat's message to stroke and brain injury patients is to ask for help, work hard and never ever give up.