Hometown Hero: Boy Scout Troops 707 and 719

On Friday, July 8th, 750 U.S. flags were installed curbside in a Lake Highlands neighborhood in northeast Dallas.

The flags belong to Boy Scout Troops 707 and 719. They fly the 3x5 flags on six flag holidays and had just taken them down for the 4th of July holiday.

A day after the 5 police officers were killed in the ambush in downtown Dallas, the Boy Scouts and neighborhood community wanted to show their support in red, white and blue. Police Officers who have seen the flags are deeply grateful.

The U.S. flags stretch for a mile and a half from Audelia and Shoreview to Walnut Hill Lane. They represent gratitude, love and support for Dallas and Dart Police Officers.

The flags will be taken down Tuesday around 5 p.m. and stored until they will be flown for the September 11th observance by Boy Scout Troops 707 and 719.

The Boy Scouts collected $1,000 in donations during this display for the five Fallen Police Officers. They will give that money to Dallas Police.

If you'd like to make a donation you can go to www.lhflags.org.