Police identify suspect, victims in Haltom City shooting that also injured 3 officers

Haltom City police have released more details about the shooting Saturday evening that left two people dead and injured three officers. The suspected shooter was later found dead with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

According to police, this incident started just before 6:45 p.m., when officers were called to the 5700 block of Diamond Oaks Drive about a shooting.

Before officers responded, police said the suspect, 28-year-old Edward Freyman, shot and killed 33-year-old Collin Davis and 32-year-old Amber Tsai.

Freyman also reportedly shot an elderly neighbor who reported the shooting to police. She was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Police said she was set to have a surgery.

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Responding officers were immediately met with gunfire from the suspect inside the home, resulting in three officers being injured.

Corporal Zach Tabler, Officer Tim Barton, Officer Jose Avila were injured, though all are expected to survive.

At least six homes across the street were hit with bullets. That's where the elderly woman was shot. 

Officers returned fire, which police said helped limit further injuries and loss of life.

Freyman fled on foot after the exchange of gunfire. Police said he was later found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, with a "military-style" rifle and handgun near him when he was found.

Krysten Rodriguez heard the gunshots before officers arrived and went out to the front yard and saw a man bleeding. 

"That’s when I saw somebody on the ground and thought he was hurt from fireworks, and never ever occurred to be that the man was dead on the driveway," she recalled.

Texas Rangers will be conducting the investigation to see if the weapons found on the suspect were legally owned.