Group of truckers protest with 'slow roll' through North Texas

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Several truck drivers protested what they consider never-ending burdensome regulations with a "slow roll" through North Texas.

The convoy of trucks left Terrell on Highway 80 and got onto the LBJ Freeway just before 10:30 a.m. Wednesday. They’re planning to head southbound on Interstate 35E and then take Interstate 20 back to Terrell.

According to the Stand As One Texas Facebook page, the truckers are “seeking sensible regulations that work for the industry as a whole allowing freedoms and flexibility on a basis suitable for all trucking businesses to operate without strangulation by dictated rules of operation while being an financially stressed for the purpose to solely provide an endless source of revenue for a plethora of alphabet agencies, the government and 3rd party device and services providers.”

They were reportedly going about 45 mph on the freeway but mostly staying in the right lanes.