Group of Texas faith leaders say they’re opposed to permitless carry

Dozens of faith leaders, including several from North Texas, have voiced their opposition of permitless carry legislation working its way through the Texas Legislature.

The legislation would allow adults who are allowed to own a gun carry it in public without a license. It passed the Texas House but may not have enough support in the Senate.

During a press conference Wednesday, these religious leaders said allowing public carry without proper training can be dangerous.

"Statistics from multiple sources make the case clear that states with easier access to guns are less safe. States with more guns experience more deaths, states with more guns see higher rates of suicide, states with more guns see more police killed in the line of duty," said Andy Lewis, North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Texas law enforcement agencies say the legislation may make their jobs harder, including whether or not a person with a gun is good or bad.

Gov. Greg Abbott, when asked Tuesday about whether he supports it, dodged the question.


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