Grilled cheese craving leads to stabbing in Arkansas

An Arkansas man’s trip to the kitchen for a midnight snack landed him in the hospital.

According to KAIT-TV Region 8 News, the man told police that he was trying to make a grilled cheese sandwich when his pregnant girlfriend stabbed him.

An incident report filed with the Jonesboro Police Department detailed that the man was in the kitchen trying to make a sandwich when his girlfriend, Shavonne Walker, took the ingredients and pan away from him and became angry and violent.

The victim told officers Walker said “b**** you ain’t eating anything tonight… you gone die tonight.”

According to the report, Walker first tried stabbing the man with a knife, but he was able to stop her. Walker then allegedly grabbed a pair of scissors and stabbed him.

Doctors said the scissors pierced the skin so deep that it hit a bone in the victim’s waist.

Walker has been charged with domestic battery but claims she stabbed her boyfriend in an act of self-defense. She claims he started the fight by throwing food on the floor.

Police noted that Walker had minor swelling on one side of her face and scratches on her arm, back and leg.

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