Greenville High School cancels classes due to hoax bomb threat

Classes were canceled at Greenville High School Thursday because of a suspicious object that was found on campus. That object turned out to be a hoax, police said.

Greenville ISD confirmed an object resembling a pipe bomb was found in a bathroom. The Plano and Garland bomb squads were called in to help remove it.

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Garland police said investigators determined the object was a hoax device and not a real bomb.

Officers still searched the entire campus as a precaution and all students were evacuated to a safe location. 

Greenville ISD said classes and activities were canceled for the day.

Students who drive and ride the bus were sent home. Parent were allowed to pick their kids up from the indoor practice facility near the stadium, the district said.

Even though the object posed no real threat to the campus, Garland police said it is still against the law.

The Texas Rangers are now investigating and the person responsible could face criminal charges.