Green Papaya Salad


1 Wedge of lime cut in half

1 cup Shredded Green Papaya

5 ea Mango slices(1/4" x ¼"x 3")

4 Tomatoes halves

1/8 cup Shredded carrots

2 Tbl Minced herbs (Basil, Mint, Cilantro)

½ tsp Thai chili garlic (Depends on Spice level)

2 oz Papaya dressing

2 Tbl Candied Bacon (cut ½" cooked and tossed in Papaya Dressing)

2 Tbl Crushed Peanuts


In pestle and mortar combine lime and papaya and pound until soft

Add remaining ingredients except bacon and mix lightly to incorporate with out breaking tomato and mango

Place in bowl and garnish with more crushed peanuts and candied bacon

Green Papaya Dressing

¾ cups Palm sugar

¾ cups Tamarind puree

¾ cups Fish sauce

½ cup Lime juice

Bring to a boil Sugar, Tamarind, and Fish Sauce

Sugar must be dissolved completely

Once Cooled, add 1 cup lime juice