Grapevine transgender student attends court hearing

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An 8-year old from Grapevine is quickly becoming the public face of the battle over transgender rights in Texas.

It’s the latest battle in a case everyone expects to go to the U.S. Supreme Court.

8-year-old Marilyn Morrison is a transgender student in the 3rd grade. She wanted to meet the lawyers fighting on opposite sides of a case that will decide how she lives the rest of her life.

"I don't know why they're fighting over it,” she said. “Why can't we all be loving and accept it, and make this world a better place."

Attorneys for the federal government want a modification of the injunction on President Barack Obama's directive that allows people to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity.

Texas and 12 other states got behind the tiny Harrold ISD to block the president's order on grounds that it violates state's rights and privacy laws.

In August, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sent letters to school districts statewide saying, “My office brought this lawsuit to stop the Obama administration from rewriting laws that have been enacted by the elected representatives of the people."

"Arguing that transgender children are somehow or another genderless and not entitled to protections under Title 9 that prohibits sex discrimination,” said Mark Phariss with Equality Texas.

The latest hearing is in Wichita Falls where a federal attorney argued the injunction should not apply in states that weren't part of the Texas lawsuit. Families affected by the law joined lawyers in the courtroom on Friday.

"People should be loving and accepting because if these guys were doing it here, it wouldn't happen in the schools,” said Chelsa Morrison, Marilyn’s mother. “And what they're doing is not accepting who these children are, and I want it to stop."

Marilyn's parents say their daughter was bullied out of her classroom at Cannon Elementary in Grapevine.

"I thought this would be the best year of my life, but it isn't. I have a lot of bullies,” Marilyn said.

"We have amazing teachers who are allies and want to help, but their hands are tied,” said Chelsa.

Starting on Monday, Marilyn will be home schooled.