Gov. Abbott calls for firing of Wylie ISD teacher over assignment that likened police to KKK, slave owners

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has called for the firing of a Wylie ISD teacher who assigned a lesson to students that featured a cartoon that appeared to compare police with the KKK and slave owners.

The cartoon caught the attention of the National Fraternal Order of Police.

The district issued an apology and removed that assignment after 400 8th graders received the political cartoon as part of a lesson.

The governor tweeted that is was "beyond unacceptable," and "the opposite of what must be taught."

Along with calling for the teacher to be fired, he also said he is asking the Texas Education Agency to investigate and "take action."


Wylie ISD apologizes for school assignment that likens police officers to KKK, slave owners

Some believe canceled Wylie ISD assignment that likened police to KKK, slave owners was taken out of context