Girl who order dollhouse with Amazon's Alexa donates it to hospital

The 6-year-old North Texas girl who made headlines earlier this week after asking Amazon’s Alexa to order her a dollhouse and cookies has turned the incident into something positive.

Brooke Neitzel and her family ate the cookies, but donated the $170 dollhouse to the Medical City Children’s Hospital for its pediatric patients.

“Because I’ve been here and I want kids to be happy that’s here,” she said.

“She doesn’t need a dollhouse because she currently has one and so we just thought that it would be good for other children to benefit from it. And since we come to Medical City with minor things for our children and y’all have been so wonderful to them we thought this was just the place it had to be,” said Megan Neitzel, Brooke’s mom.

The Neitzel family got a new Amazon Echo Dot for Christmas and it’s been a big hit in their home. The Echo’s voice assistant, Alexa, can play music and tell jokes. Brooke also learned even before her mom did that it can order just about anything online if it’s linked to an Amazon account and credit card.

“I said to her, ‘Alexa, can you please order a dollhouse and some cookies?’” the 6-year-old recalled.

“Christmas night, I got a notification, “Your order has shipped.” And I thought I haven't ordered anything today,” Megan said.

By the time mom pieced together what happened, it was already too late to cancel the order for the $170 dollhouse and four pounds of cookies.

There’s now a parental password on the family’s account and the 6-year-old said she has learned her lesson about asking Alexa for things without mom or dad around.

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