Garland PD: Man in minivan claiming he was God leads police on chase

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Police say a minivan driver who claimed to be God led police on a high-speed chase through Dallas County Tuesday afternoon.

It all began when police tried to pull over the minivan driver for speeding through a school zone in Garland around 3 p.m.

Police say that was when Stoffon Lorains Cooper, 47, briefly got out of his car and yelled at the officer, proclaiming that he was God before he sped off. Cooper led police on a chase through Dallas.

Police say they had concerns about Cooper’s mental health and called off the ground pursuit. After officers dropped out of the chase, he parked at a 7-Eleven and walked into the convenience store. Shortly after, several officers surrounded the store and waited for him to walk out. 

The suspect then calmly walked out of the store and was quickly surrounded by police and taken into custody.

Officers found a large machete-style knife strapped to his side. Cooper is charged with evading arrest also had other traffic warrants.