Fort Worth saw 13% drop in violent crime in 2022, police say

A plan to reduce violent crime in Fort Worth appears to be working.

A report from the Fort Worth Police Department shows violent crimes dropped by more than 13% in 2022.

The police department believes that’s the result of the "Fort Worth Safe" initiative.

The plan launched in April of last year and focused on high-crime areas. The goal was to reduce crime by 10%.

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On Tuesday, Fort Worth Assistant Police Chief Robert Alldredge told city council members there were more than 4,300 violent crimes including murders, shootings, and robberies in the city in 2022.

That’s 600 fewer than the year before.

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"Kind of an important stat at the very bottom is we had over 2,400 separate calls for service with the violent crime initiative," Chief Alldredge said. "In 360 of those a gun was seized. That's the whole point of this – trying to get guns out of the hands of people that don't need them because when they're in their hands, bad things happen."

Police said technology like flock cameras which read license plates have played an important role.

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The cameras are monitored by the real-time crime center.

The TCU Criminology Department also teamed up with Fort Worth police to help identify crime hot spots that officers need to focus on.