Fort Worth residents venture out as North Texas unthaws

After being stuck at home for three days, people were ready to get out of the house.

More people ventured out Thursday as the metroplex deep freeze unthaws.

"Only thing I can say is everything‘s okay right now," said Maria Alvarran as she was shopping for groceries. "The streets are pretty clean so no problems." 

The roadways are still filled with slush, but confidence and the number of vehicles on them is growing.

Temperatures to rise above freezing Thursday; roads still icy in spots

"This is my first time out in probably two days," said Jai Bennett. "I live in an apartment building with a very big slope coming in and out, so I wasn’t taking any chances."

A popular spot in the West 7th Street corridor was the grocery store.

"We ran out of bread and milk, so you have to get certain things. But roads are fine right now," said Bobby Duncan. "In the neighborhood, it’s a little sketch. But the main streets are pretty easy to get around."

Scott, who preferred to withhold his last name, is a commercial airline pilot. On top of the clear roads, he says the skies have been clear too.

Some in North Texas dealing with power outages because of the ice

"It gets lots of cancellations and stuff like that. But the ones that do go, they get us out when they can," he said. 

Scott says he’ll fly again on Friday.

As for Duncan, the grocery store is a cool place to visit for now. He’s been at home with his children.

"Yeah, with four kids, so to get to run to the store is a joy. A small joy," he said.