Fort Worth police work to ID stunt drivers who injured pedestrian

Fort Worth police want to identify two drivers who hit and injured a pedestrian while stunt driving.

Investigators say the two cars drove recklessly early Sunday morning at the intersection of White Settlement Road and University Drive.

A city camera caught a bird’s eye view of what happened.

"This is a very dangerous event they are trying to pull off. It risks life," said Buddy Calzada, FWPD spokesman.

The cars, dangerously swirling, meant traffic was held at bay. Meanwhile, hyped up spectators with cell phones recorded it all.

Video shows a woman wearing a white top getting clipped by one of the spinning vehicles. 

"She does proceed back into the group there and being a spectator she did get injured. Police were called out there we did have medics arrived on scene to treat her at the scene. Her condition as far as I know is unknown at this time," Calzada said.

Skid marks are still visible four days later and police say this so-called intersection "takeover" was not the group’s first of the night.

Police say that crew began with a takeover at University Drive and West Berry Street near the campus of TCU. Video shows the stunting in full effect and a Range Rover driving through while it’s happening. Moments later, police swooped in to break it all up.

"I can tell you we do have some of our intel officers that are part of this group," Caldzada said.

Police say undercover officers are working the investigation. They’re also strongly encouraging tipsters to come forward.

"They are very proud of it, they are proud of what they’ve done. They shoot all kinds a video and film all kinds of videos about this," Calzada said. "That’s what you see in the middle of the intersection. Pedestrians are running in and out of this reckless driving of this them filming it. This could cost them their life."