Fort Worth ISD school board votes for a mask mandate if a judge agrees

After a night of heated testimony from parents in Fort Worth, the school board voted for a mask mandate when and if it becomes legal to do so.

When it comes to requiring face coverings in schools, it’s clear that no such order is going to be simple to implement.

During Thursday night’s special board meeting, Fort Worth ISD trustees voted to require face coverings for everyone at the district’s campuses.

However, that mandate will only be allowed if a judge rules in favor of the district at a hearing on Sept. 3.

The hearing is over a lawsuit filed by a small group of parents. They sued a few weeks ago after the district’s superintendent attempted to require masks.

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Some parents argued the school board should not be waging court battles to impose mask requirements while others supported mandatory masks.

"You have power. Use it. In the legacy of our nation’s great civil rights leaders, it’s time for some good trouble. Put yourself on the line for our kids. Vote for masks tonight," one parent said.

"Good lord, my kid can’t eat for four hours, a growing kid who needs to learn. I mean, we need to get our act together, okay. Where did this idea come from that kids should never get sick? Is the house on fire? You’re running around like it is. Show me the numbers, okay," another parent said.

Trustees said nearly 300 Fort Worth area doctors have urged the district to require masks on campus.

Texas Bans Mask Mandates

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has promised to sue any public school district that goes against Gov. Greg Abbott’s ban on mask mandates.

The Texas Supreme Court on Thursday ruled Gov. Abbott does have authority to ban local mask mandates.

The ruling was specifically for schools in San County and doesn’t directly impact districts in North Texas but it is a sign the all Republican Texas Supreme Court will side with the governor when a similar Dallas County case does reach its court. 


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