Fort Worth ISD pairs aspiring engineers, architects with industry professionals

Fort Worth ISD gave its students the opportunity to help them chart their paths.

The school district on Wednesday gave some aspiring engineers and architects from across the district a chance to get a jump start on their futures.

High school senior Joel Rodriguez designed and created a school-themed box for protecting his class ring.

"Right now, I’m just taking the engineering class they are providing us. Last year, I took engineering essentials," he said.

Rodriguez is just one of many Fort Worth ISD upperclassmen getting a jump on their futures in architecture, engineering and construction.

From resumes to tips on how to prepare for interviews, several North Texas firms are providing the students with what to expect when seeking positions.

"In college, I would like to do more specific type of engineering, architectural engineering. But I am going to major in civil engineering and do a minor in architect," said senior Kennedy Ball.

Some have a game plan while others are testing the waters.

"I was like really nervous at the first table when I talk to them," said junior Even Trevino. "But with this man right here, I was more comfortable talking to him."

"To see the students coming through wherever they are, what they’re interested in and passionate about, because our lifeblood is the students and where they’re going. If they’re interested in architecture or engineering, that’s a plus for us," said Gary Rademacher with DLR Group.

You never know, the class ring box Rodriguez designed could become a household product. 

"In the long run after I graduate, I am hoping to end up working as an engineer either for the military or for NASA or whatever I can do to help out," he said.

Some of the employers taking part say the goal is to begin a rapport with students and possibly consider some for internships and jobs.