Fort Worth ISD begins vaccinating students in on-campus clinics

Wednesday was the first in a series of on-campus vaccination events at Fort Worth ISD.

Vaccinations were open to students and their families.

For the next week, Fort Worth ISD will be partnering with a local pharmacy to visit 14 different campuses to vaccinate students. 

The school district started off Wednesday at Arlington Heights High School. They’re prepared to vaccinate 2,500 students right on campus to make it as convenient as possible.

After the last year, it’s no surprise the Arlington Heights High School cafeteria is full of teenagers ready for their shot to try and put the pandemic behind them. 

For sophomore Izabella Soto, Wednesday granted her sweet sixteen wish a few months early.

"I’m born in July. So everyone who is already 16, they got their vaccine," she said. "I was like, ‘I’m just waiting until I turn that age so I can get it.’"

Fort Worth ISD is helping vaccinate students 12 years and older along with their parents and family members.

Perone Pharmacy is partnering with the district to provide 14 campuses each with 180 doses of the Pfizer vaccine over the next week.

"I think it’s going to take most of the summer and people going back to school and the schools encouraging it as well," said pharmacist Paula Perone.

The vaccination clinic comes a day after Governor Gregg Abbott announced Texas school districts can no longer require masks be worn on campus after June 4.

Fort Worth ISD classes don't end until June 18.

Superintendent Kent Scribner says the district will follow the governor's order. And starting June 5, masks will be optional. He says the board will decide at next week's meeting how to move forward before then.

 "There are many students and adults who want to follow the science," he said. "And at least indoors, if they are not vaccinated, they will have the option to wear masks."

Some students say they still won’t ditch the mask even after they’re fully vaccinated.

Fort Worth ISD is partnering with the city of Fort Worth on a one day only vaccination event for children 12 to 15 and their family members this Saturday at Bob Bolen Complex from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. People can register on the city’s website.