Fort Worth girl credited for saving family in carbon monoxide emergency

The city of Fort Worth honored a 12-year-old girl and several firefighters for saving her family during a carbon monoxide emergency.

Jeziyah Parker called 911 in March when her mother started to feel sick.

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She was only able to open the door for firefighters before she collapsed too.

Firefighters found her mother and four other children unconscious inside their home.

They put themselves at risk to get the family out safely.

"I knew that they only had minutes. So, we didn’t have time to go back to the truck to put our gear back on. They wouldn't have lasted that long," said Lt. Robby Leon-Guerrero with the Fort Worth Fire Department.

The Fort Worth fire chief presented an award to Jeziyah during Tuesday’s city council meeting.

She and five other family members were hospitalized because of the carbon monoxide. If she hadn’t called for help, things could have been a lot worse.

The council also issued a proclamation recognizing the firefighters who rushed into the home without their protective gear.

Five firefighters were hospitalized as a precaution after the rescue.

Investigators said a car left running in a garage caused the home to fill up with carbon monoxide that night.