Fort Worth Code Compliance ramps up enforcement on apartment water problems

Fort Worth Code Enforcement officers are trying to resolve water problems that continue at some apartment complexes weeks after the winter storm.

Issues with private repairs continue to linger, and tenants are caught in the middle. Now, code enforcement is taking its work a step further.

Efforts ramp up another notch as of Thursday at Fort Worth apartment complexes.

 A contingent of code enforcement officers, like ones spotted at the La Jolla Terrace Apartments, reflect what the department calls a heightened effort to pressure complexes with lingering water issues, but also to document other hardships tenants are facing.

In a statement, Fort Worth Code Compliance said that it is "currently now conducting needs assessments through direct conversations with affected residents and property management staff."

Code officers were doing leg work Tuesday where water issues continued for people at 24 complexes since the February winter storm. On Thursday, they say the number of affected properties is back up to 25.

Complaints have ranged from no running water, no hot water, damaged apartments from busted pipes and poor communication from management teams while rent payments are still expected. 

Back at the La Jolla Terrace Apartments, Sinatra & Company, the New York-based firm that owns the property, tells FOX 4 it has repaired 300 busted pipes and water is restored. A statement addresses continuing complaints that some are without hot water. 

"We supplied nearly 1,000 cases of water and 15 temporary bathroom facilities," the firm said. "We are continuously working on the repairs."

The city continues to urge any renters with hardships involving unresolved water issues to report them to its code compliance department.