Fort Worth 3-year-old's shooting renews push for gun safety program

A child injured by gunfire over the weekend has renewed a Fort Worth ER doctor's mission to make sure children are safe in homes where there are guns.

The recent shooting injuring a 3-year old in Fort Worth is under investigation, but it’s still unexplained.

The shooting on Feb. 22 has prompted the hospital to renew a push for gun safety at home.

Police are still investigating. They have yet to give details on what happened or whether someone was negligent and could face charges. So far, no arrests have been made.

"A mother and father and two twins were inside the residence at the time of this incident,” explained Fort Worth Officer Jimmy Pollozani. “Since then, the two twins have been removed and are in foster care along with the 3-year-old who was shot in the head."

The 3-year-old was rushed to Cook Children's Medical Center. Her condition is unknown.

The shooting has prompted the hospital and ER Dr. Daniel Guzman to renew a public awareness program started over two years ago to teach gun safety in the home.

A training video from the program shows a child locating a gun that has been rendered completely inoperable. The child's parents were in another room watching him via a closed circuit camera. Despite being previously told to never touch a gun, the child does the exact opposite.

Dr. Guzman hopes the video will drive the message home to adults.

“At least 94 percent of the children that have gone through the program have either identified the gun but didn't do anything about it or picked up the gun and looked down the barrel or pointed the gun at their sibling next to them,” he said.

Last year, Cook Children's treated 24 children injured by a firearm. The year before that, it treated 38 children from gunfire of which 2 died.