Former Denton ISD football coach accused of sexual contact with students at new school

Lonnie Teagle (Courtesy: Harris County District Court)

A former Denton Ryan High School football coach is facing charges over accusations of sexual abuse from students at his new school.

Lonnie Teagle left his role as Ryan's offensive coordinator to become a head coach at Paetow High School in Katy. 

Documents stated that Teagle inappropriately touched two students at the Katy ISD high school, both 15-years-old. The actions started with inappropriate comments that later developed into inappropriate hugs with inappropriate touching.

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Reports say Teagle told both the girls not to tell anyone about what was going on.

Documents say at a later instance Teagle pulled one of the girls onto his lap in an office at the high school. A few days later, Teagle reportedly took the two girls to a room and said he was going to spank them. He then bent one of the girls over his lap, spanked her, then did the same to the other girl.

The inappropriate contact went on for a while with Teagle hugging the girls before bringing his hands to their backsides, court records say. In one instance, Teagle rubbed one girl's inner thigh. He later asked the girls if they would like to have sexual intercourse. Documents say he later apologized and bought the girls Chipotle as an apology before formally apologizing.

The inappropriate sexual contact stopped with the two girls after Sept. 9, according to court records.

On Oct. 12, three other female students, two who were 16, and one who was 15, came forward with complaints similar to the other two girls. Teagle reportedly said at one point, "You're so pretty, I would date you if I were your age." The three girls said they were scared to come forward due to Teagle's high status at the school.

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A grand jury subpoena for Teagle's work files found he had complaints from Denton ISD in October 2021. The complaints ranged from asking female students for back rubs to comments about the girl's bodies.

Denton ISD sent a statement to FOX 4.

Reports say he also had complaints from staff who worked at Stockdick Junior High, adjacent to Paetow High School.

Staff members also added that Teagle made them feel uncomfortable due to inappropriate comments, touching, and mannerisms, and he would frequently visit the junior high.

The 39-year-old Teagle was arraigned Monday on charges of indecency with child sexual contact and improper relationship with a student.

Teagle resigned from Katy ISD in October.