Flash flooding impacts western N. Texas counties

Heavy rains Wednesday affected many western counties in North Texas.

In Fort Worth and northern parts of Tarrant County, cars and trucks had to maneuver through high water.

The water went up so fast at Great Southwest and Mark IV parkway that two people were left stuck in their vehicles for a short time.

Those drivers said that the water on the road went half-way up their car doors in an instant.

“It was so high, it just came out of nowhere,” said Renee Connolly, one of the drivers who was stranded. “It was like a river, it was just really bad.”

Although the water didn’t get into the interior, neither car would start and had to be towed away.

Fortunately, the water receded as fast as it came, but not before causing some trouble.

At DFW airport, more than two dozen flights had to be diverted, and ramp operations were suspended for a time due to lightening.