Fierce winds from Storm Eunice force tiny dog's ears, fur to flap

Fierce winds from Storm Eunice in northern Europe proved deadly for at least four people, caused planes to wobble in the air upon landing and whipped furiously against this small dog in North Wales.

Video taken by Lib Hough shows the small white dog's ears and fur flapping in gusts, which reached up to 122 mph on Friday.  

WATCH: Winds whip small Welsh dog 

In the United Kingdom, powerful winds knocked around several jetliners coming in and out of Heathrow Airport in London

Video footage shot from the ground shows several planes swaying in the wind as they approached the airport. Several jetliners could be seen aborting their landing and climbing back up into the sky, presumably to try again.

The U.K.'s weather service issued a rare Red Weather Warning for southwest England in advance of the storm, saying that wind gusts in excess of 90 mph were possible. 

After the storm hit, the weather service reported that a gust provisionally measured at 122 mph was recorded on the Isle of Wight. Weather officials believe it was the strongest wind gust ever recorded in England.

The storm caused mayhem with travel in Britain, shutting the English Channel port of Dover, closing bridges linking England and Wales, and halting most trains in and out of London.

The BBC reported that three people died in England and at least one person in Ireland died because of the storm. 

This article was published in Oakland, Calif., with The Associated Press and Storyful.