Fellowship United Methodist Church in Trophy Club cancels Christmas services after pipes burst

The Fellowship United Methodist Church in Trophy Club had to cancel its Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services after the arctic blast that dropped temperatures below freezing burst the church's pipes.

"I cannot express how much it breaks my heart that we had to cancel services," said Pastor Bill Eason in a video posted on the church's Facebook page. "We had worked so hard to bring you such a wonder celebration."

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The church saw multiple pipes burst flooding portions of its preschool wing.

Fellowship decided to cancel its services because water needed to be shut down to the church, meaning there were no working bathrooms or a fire suppression system.

One the supply lines to the hot water heater ruptured in several places sending water pouring for the ceiling on Friday.

Then on Saturday a spigot ruptured causing more flooding and forcing them to shut off the water again.

Pastor Eason said the church did multiple passes through the building, opening doors and turning on heat trying to prevent a situation like this.

Plumbers are expected to come to the church on Monday to try to make repairs.