Family says teachers forced student to clean floor with toothbrush

A Polk County family says an elementary teacher forced their daughter to clean the floor with a toothbrush.

Kenneth Gamble tells FOX 13 his daughter’s second-grade teacher at Lake Alfred Elementary “went rogue” last week in punishing the little girl for acting up in class. 

“The teacher, Ms. Mays, made her scrub her classroom floor with a toothbrush,” Gamble said.

As Gamble tells it, his 7-year-old daughter was sent from one teacher’s classroom to another teacher for the toothbrush punishment.  He says the hard labor for lasted hours, even causing her back pain.

“Even if she was disrupting the class, I don’t think it was worth going three hours or more scrubbing the floor for talking,” Gamble said.  “I don’t appreciate you having my child scrub a floor with a toothbrush. I’m pretty sure she doesn't scrub her own floor with a toothbrush."

FOX 13 attempted to reach both teachers in question; neither were available. 

In a statement the district called the allegations “deeply concerning” and “if true completely unacceptable.”  

Both teachers have been placed on administrative leave.  The district also confirms investigations are underway internally as well as by law enforcement, and DCF.

Asked if the teachers should be fired, “I think so,” Gamble said.