Family mourns loss of 1-year-old killed in Garland crash caused by suspected drunk driver

We are learning more about the family members who survived a car crash with a suspected drunk driver who took the life of a baby girl.

It’s been a nightmare for the family. A 1-year-old child is dead, and her mother, father and brother were all seriously injured.

The crash happened Saturday night. A child’s car seat was left on the street after police say 1-year-old Alice Maturino was thrown from the white Mustang her father, 30-year-old Hugo Alberto-Maturino, was driving. Also in the car was Alice’s mother, 30-year-old Miriam Minaya and 2-year-old Cole Maturino.

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Police say the family’s car was hit by a black SUV driven by 19-year-old Adrian Maldonado. 19-year-old Denise Vivas was his passenger.

Adrian Maldonado and Denise Vivas

Garland police say Maldonado was seen running a red light and then refused to be pulled over, leading police on a high-speed chase reaching 100 miles an hour.

Police say once the DPS helicopter started tracking Maldonado, they backed off. However, he kept speeding and driving erratically until he ran another red light at Northwest Highway and Shiloh Road, hitting the white Mustang.

Police say Maldonado and Vivas both ran from the scene, but the helicopter spotted them and police made the arrest.

The children’s mother was in surgery on Monday. To make it even more challenging for the family, the mother, father and son are all recovering at different hospitals.