Family credits puppy with saving their lives

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A Gordon County family is crediting their puppy with saving their lives after a house fire over the weekend.

Ten inches of snow fell in Adairsville Friday and the Rakestraw family was without power. They huddled together in the family room and were getting heat from a wooden fireplace.

The family said at 2 a.m. Sunday, Patches started nudging Patricia Rakestraw's legs.

"My dog, Patches, just kept after me until I finally work up. I saw the red flames and screamed for everyone to get out, " Ms. Rakestraw said.

All five members of the family got out including the family's 83-year-old mother who is partially blind. Ms. Rakestraw said as soon as the family escaped the house, the roof of the house collapsed.

The family had no insurance and lost everything including a bird and two cats.

They are forever grateful to Patches for waking them up and saving their lives.

The family has set up an online account through GoFundMe to help them recover: