ERCOT tests its emergency conditions warning system ahead of the summer season

ERCOT conducted a test to make sure its emergency conditions warning system is working as intended ahead of the summer season.

A report assessing power grids across the country said Texas is at an enhanced risk for a power emergency.

That new report indicates an elevated risk this summer, but energy experts said the power grid is ready. 

The start to summer is late June, but temperatures are on the rise in North Texas. 

ERCOT is testing their emergency alert system in preparation for summer demand.

"It will do a lot for the public’s trust if the grid is able to keep the lights on during the summer," said Dr. Joshua Rhodes, research associate for Webber Energy Group at the UT Energy Institute.

All eyes are on Texas grid operator ERCOT to see how they handle the extreme heat following the power failure in February, where 151 people died of causes related to the storm, according to the Department of State Health Services.

"There is always the chance that the grid can come under high stress and things could go down. The Texas grid is built for the summer," Dr. Rhodes added.

Tuesday, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation published their summer report. 

It said Texas and multiple West Coast states will have an elevated risk. 

"The NERC report said, while things could get tight, we do look alright for the upcoming summer," Rhodes said.

In their plan for the summer, ERCOT officials said the grid has increased power reserve margins. 

Rhodes explained what that means for people at home. 

"We are actually a little better this summer than we were last summer," he said. "I think we will be in a pretty good spot. But again, things could always break, it could always happen. I wouldn't say 100%, but I am feeling pretty good about it."