Elderly Florida woman fends off 300-pound, half-naked burglar with a baseball bat

A burglar wearing only his underwear tried to break into a great-grandma’s car but the woman, armed with a baseball bat, wasn't having it.

“This is my weapon, right here! Mess with me, I'm gonna try to pop you!” said the woman, Clarese Gainey, 65, and that's exactly what cops say Gainey did to Antonio Mosley.

It started when Gainey heard a noise outside. “He was like this, banging on the door, like this,” Gainey recalled.

Cops say when the 300-lb Mosley heard Gainey, he turned at her and charged, but the great-grandma was waiting and ready. “I mean I popped him! I said 'Biya!' he said 'Auuugh! You hit me!'” Gainey said.

Then Mosley ran off, half naked, toward the nearby trailer park.

“He had nothing but his drawers on!” Gainey said, “no shoes, no shirt or nothing!”

When police found Mosley, they brought him right over to Gainey, who identified him right away. She hopes she taught him - and any other crooks - a lesson: don't mess with grandma.

“I put a good one on him! But he's in jail,” Gainey said, “I ain't gotta worry about him no more. I bet you won't mess with that green goblin there, no more!”

Mosley was booked into the Alachua county jail on $20,000 bond. He's facing burglary and drug possession charges.

This story was written in Orlando, Florida.

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