Watch: Quick-thinking Ohio police officer dodges vehicle sliding on icy highway

A police officer avoided danger in a frightening moment on an Ohio highway on Christmas morning.

The officer was nearly struck by a truck sliding down an icy road. The Willoughby Police Department shared a video of the crash with the social news platform Storyful that shows the officer standing on the side of the highway to help a driver in their car.

Moments later, the officer saw a Toyota truck heading in his direction and yelled "hang tight" to the driver in the car and quickly jumped on the median as the truck hit his patrol car. The truck spun a few times before stopping on the side of the road.

A large bang is heard in the video as debris from the crash flies on the road. Following the accident, the officer walks in the direction of the truck and calls for backup as he instructs another oncoming car to "slow down."

The officer and driver avoided injury in the crash, but both vehicles were damaged. The 63-year-old driver of the Toyota was cited for failure to control and is scheduled to appear in court, the Willoughby Police Department said in a release.