DPD officer suing BLM claims he's targeted by own department

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A black Dallas police officer, who is suing Black Lives Matter, claims he is being targeted from within his own department.

Sergeant Demetrick Pennie's lawsuit blames the July 7 deadly police ambush on the national protest movement along with civil rights leaders and President Barack Obama.

Pennie claims "each and every one of them are inciting the killing of police officers by telling their supporters that there is a war between blacks and law enforcement."

Since the lawsuit, Pennie says he's receiving death threats with language much stronger than the words he used.

Pennie says he received a threat in the mail that said, “Not only are you a house n****, but you are also a traitor. You do know what happens to traitors, don't you? Stop this stupid lawsuit or you will be dealt with.”

“How can a citizen get your work address and know what division, what officer you're operating in?” asked FOX 4 Reporter Shaun Rabb.

“They can't. That’s why I know somebody in the Dallas Police Department gave me up. They trying to get me assassinated,” he replied. “Well, I tell you what. I’m not playing with nobody.”

Pennie believes there should be a full internal investigation to figure out who gave him up.

“I listened to what the attorneys said, what the police department said, what the FBI said. I’m not running, and I’m here waiting on these guys to come see me cause I’m not cut from that kind of cloth,” he said. “I’m not shutting down no social media. I’m not hiding from nobody. I’m gonna keep working at the same place. Come see me.”

It's unproven at this point, but Pennie feels like a fellow officer has revealed his work assignment to others outside the department. He believes some of those people are behind the hand-printed letter he received.