Do you recognize this suspected hit-and-run driver?

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The owner of a Dallas gas station confirms part of an April 4th hit-and-run was caught on his surveillance cameras.

He released surveillance photos of a man inside the Raceway convenience store, who he says, he knows is the person police are looking for.

The East Dallas grandmother who was hit, wants to know why the driver of a pickup truck didn’t stop to help.

Edith Page has been bedridden since the incident at the Raceway gas station near I-30 and Jim Miller Road.

Page spoke publicly with Fox 4, for the first time since the encounter, "I've got the pain in my mouth, in my head I get headaches, in my jaw and down in my stomach, in my legs and in my arms," said Page.

Page says she was hit while crossing the gas station parking lot, in broad daylight.

The pickup truck struck the 58-year-old on her right side, knocking her backward onto the pavement, fracturing two bones in her face.

Page says she forgives the driver, but that she also believes in justice, and wants to see the perpetrator caught and charged for his crime.

"Jehovah God sent an angel to protect me I know he did cause I could've been dead that day."

The pickup truck is described as a new model silver Ford with chrome rims. It had a temporary, paper license plate in the back, and a red dealer plate in front.