Distance learning pushing some parents to consider homeschooling permanently

Parents know one thing for sure: there will not be a return to the classroom in public schools for their children during the remainder of this school year. But what about the future?

A survey of just over 2,100 people, conducted by the school choice advocacy group American Federation for Children, says 40% of parents are considering continuing to teach their kids from home.

FOX 35 News spoke with parents across Central Florida and the opinions are very close to the survey.  One mom who has always homeschooled her kids says it is best for her family because they are able to build a curriculum that fits her kids.

"We get to pick and choose and customize their education, based on what we feel is best for them," adds Kara Hagan.

Another mom who began homeschooling one of her two daughters at the beginning of the school year is now balancing a career and homeschooling both of her daughters. She says they are actually performing better scholastically.

"There is bullying that goes on at school," explains Patricia Avalos.  "At home, they don't have to worry about the bullying or what is going on with their peers. so the distractions are eliminated."


However, homeschooling is not for everyone. We met one woman, a healthcare professional,  who says her daughter, a kindergartener, cries to go back to school.

"She wants to go back to school," says Diana Prieto. "She misses friends and teachers so I prefer her at school."

Prieto says with a tough work schedule it is a hard balancing act. She says she is looking forward to leaving the educating up to the professionals.