Deal Or Dud: Wonderffle Stuffed Waffle Maker

Forget topping your favorite breakfast treat. Fill them up instead, says the maker of a stuffed waffle iron.

Consumer Reporter Steve Noviello puts it to the Deal or Dud test.

At Cafe Republic, breakfast is so brilliant that it's served all day.

"We handpick all of our fruits and veggies. Everything is made from scratch," said owner Ekrem Halim.

But as great as the menu is, timing for this relatively-new restaurant is another story.

"We basically opened up right before COVID," Halim said.

Just when they hit their stride, stay-at-home orders were issued. So they tried to get creative.

"It was kind of hard to do takeout and delivery," Halim said. "Trying to deliver eggs and waffles is hard. Gets a little soggy."

They pivoted to become a popular lunch spot to keep their clients until they could bring back breakfast.

A team that's willing to try something new? That's the perfect recipe for a Deal or Dud tester!

The Wonderffle is no ordinary waffle iron. Its three-piece system connects to created stuffed Belgian waffles.

From apple gouda and cheeseburger to tomato herb and basic berry, the only limit is your imagination.

The instructions indicate that stuffing should be pre-cooked if necessary as interior temperatures may not get hot enough to cook raw ingredients.

We preheated the pan, added berries and batter and set it to cook with six minutes on each side. But we ended up with a waffle that was burnt on one side and runny in the middle.

What happened? It was our error. The instructions say low and slow is the way to go, and we weren't quite low enough.

"I think we had the heat too high," Halim said. "We should have had it a lot lower and allow to cook. Would have cooked the center a little better."

So we try again. Batter, berries, a low burner and bam! A warm and fluffy strawberry stuffed waffle.

"It's called the Wonderffle Stuffed Waffle Maker. What do you think? Deal or Dud?" Noviello asked.

"I think it’s a deal," Halim said.

Increasing the amount of stuffing will of course decrease the amount of batter and result in even easier execution.