Daughter of ex-Dallas councilwoman Carolyn Davis dies from injuries in DWI wreck

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The daughter of a former Dallas city councilwoman killed in a DWI wreck died from her injuries on Tuesday.

Melissa Lashan Davis-Nunn, 27, passed away on Tuesday according to Dallas police. Davis-Nunn was a passenger in the vehicle driven by her mother, Carolyn Davis. An alleged drunk driver slammed into their car on Monday night, killing Davis.

Davis-Nunn was rushed to a nearby hospital, but her injuries were too severe from the wreck to survive.

The driver, Jonathan Moore, 36, now faces two charges of intoxication manslaughter. The arrest affidavit for the wreck states that Moore had drugs in his system at the time of the crash.

Moore collided head on into Davis' car in Southeast Oak Cliff about 7:45 p.m. Monday on East Ledbetter Drive near Lancaster Road.

Moore's arrest warrant states that he told a paramedic at the crash site that he had taken Xanax and then later told law enforcement he had not been drinking any alcohol or taken illegal drugs.

The warrant states an officer observed Moore had bloodshot eyes and was speaking at a rapid pace. He couldn’t tell officers what road he had been driving on and couldn’t say the alphabet properly. One witness told police she heard Moore say that he fell asleep at the wheel. When officers took a breath test, it indicated Moore had no alcohol in his system.

Moore consented to a blood draw, but a nurse told officers that "they could not conduct a legal blood draw...because [he] was intoxicated and therefore could not consent." Police got a search warrant and his blood was drawn two hours after the crash.

Attorneys FOX 4 talked to say having to obtain a search warrant in that instance is "highly unusual."

Just last month, the Supreme Court ruled that police can draw blood from an unconscious driver without the driver's permission and without a warrant if police believe the driver is under the influence.

Joyce Wesley witnessed the crash and ran to their aid.

"She was laying on her mother. And I kept saying, ‘You need to wake up.' I said, 'You need to wake up!’” Wesley recalled. “I told her to pray. I say, 'The ambulance is on its way! The police! Just hang in there, ma'am.'"

Records show Moore has a criminal history that includes multiple DWI convictions and other arrests. He just completed five years of probation for drunk driving last week.

On July 10, 2014, Moore pleaded guilty to a felony DWI. The district attorney’s office offered him a plea bargain of ten years in prison probated to serve five years of probation and a $2,000 fine. He served five full years of probation. Moore’s probation conditions included an interlock device on his vehicle, a drug patch and a portable alcohol monitor.

Moore completed his probation last Wednesday. All alcohol detection devices were removed on Monday, just hours before he was accused of driving while intoxicated.

Moore is also charged with driving with a suspended license. He was released from the hospital Wednesday night and was booked in the Dallas County Jail.

Davis pleaded guilty earlier this year to corruption charges for taking bribes from a real estate developer. She was set to be sentenced on Sept. 20. Her case will now be dismissed.

Funeral arrangements are pending.