DART adds more buses, new Greenville Avenue route

Dallas Area Rapid Transit is introducing more changes to hopefully improve service.

For some bus riders, if you miss the bus you have to wait 45 minutes to an hour to catch the next one. But starting on Monday, some routes now have buses passing more often.

That’s good news for people waiting around. Ten routes have gone from service every 60 minutes to every 40 minutes or less. Buses on Route 592, for example, are now passing every 20 minutes.

Some routes have also been split for better on-time performance like those connecting Carrollton, Garland and the Irving Convention Center.

And Route 84 was re-added for service northbound on Greenville Avenue. It makes stops at several medical and dental offices between Mockingbird Station and Richland College.

The route was removed from DART's schedule almost 15 years ago because of low ridership. But it was reinstated because local non-profit groups like Healing Hands Ministries lobbied DART and the city of Dallas. Many of its clients were unable to get to appointments without public transportation.

"We talk about the poverty issues around our city and a lot of it is because they can't get to where they need to go when they need to be there and this is a huge start for that," said Adam McGough, who represents District 10 on the Dallas City Council.

"We're constantly looking where people are and where they need to go. We have a 700 square mile service area, 13 cities and unfortunately, not everyone can live and work and go to the grocery store in the same area. So they're constantly moving around. We're constantly looking for how we can make those connections better and more efficient," added DART CEO Gary Thomas.

Other routes like Plano's Legacy route have been replaced with Go-Link, DART's new on-demand service.

For a list of detailed changes, visit https://www.dart.org/about/servicechange/servicechange.asp.