Dallas Zoo's baby giraffe makes public debut

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The new baby giraffe named Witten will be introduced to the public at the Dallas Zoo Thursday.

Witten was born a month ago and named after Dallas Cowboys star Jason Witten. Witten recently retired after 15 seasons in the NFL. He walks away as the leader in games, catches and yards receiving for the franchise.

Dallas Zoo president Gregg Hudson called Witten a Texas legend and all-around great guy. He said the zookeepers actually suggested the name because they are big fans and consider him a role model.

Witten the player has yet to meet Witten the giraffe. Zoo officials said they are working to set that up.

The giraffe calf’s mother and other members of the herd will join him for his public debut in the giraffe-feeding yard.

More Info: http://zoohoo.dallaszoo.com/2018/05/04/meet-witten-dallas-zoo-names-male-giraffe-calf-after-retired-football-legend-jason-witten/