Dallas residents irritated with bulk trash collection delays across the city

Dallas residents fed up with bulk trash sitting on their sidewalks for weeks are demanding answers from the city, and Dallas City Council members are not satisfied with the explanations they are getting. 

Karen Shiner is one of many Dallas residents tired of waiting for the city to pick up their bulk trash. 

"Walking with my granddaughter, we have to walk around or in the street," she said.

The problem is not just in her North Dallas neighborhood.

Councilman Casey Thomas says he's received countless complaints. 

"That street looks like something people don't want to claim as their own. These homeowners take great pride in their yards and neighborhood," he said. "So I can understand one day or two days. But when we have weeks that go by? There is absolutely no excuse for this."

And Dallas City Council members say the issues go beyond looks and are a public health concern. 

Government Performance and Financial Management Committee Chair Cara Mendelsohn asked for staff to outline exactly why the city continues to get weeks behind with their pickup schedule. 

"Recently, we’ve had 40 vacancies a day for a variety of reasons. It’s unprecedented. We’ve been so behind," explained Dallas Asst. City Manager Joey Zapata.

Zapata said in addition to vacancies, bulk trash volume has increased. But the explanations did not satisfy council members. 

Dallas City Council members did not get the answers to their questions about why bulk trash pickup continues to be so delayed across the city. So they've asked staff to present solutions at their Wednesday meeting.